Thursday, May 09, 2013

going, going, going

It was lovely last evening...the faintest of breezes created the illusion of freshness after another mild numbing day of heat. Mid afternoon driving back from Ajmer I could not drink enough water to feel moistened.
 Finally got Old Budda-ji onto watering everyday...not just some days and what we have left in the garden is looking good.
 Along the house wall I have lots of Mogra jasmine planted and with the regular water they are going crazy, growing so fast and putting out heaps of flowers.[ here we need smell-o-rama they are exquisite, you can smell them in the house on cooler mornings]
 My nagging has paid off, and now the guys at the house can actually equate the watering with the effects and I hope will keep it up while we are away.
The guys are not lazy bit I am trying to teach new ideas. Having lived your life with the only water available being that which you carry from the well, gardening only happens if it rains. BUT we have water on tap at our place and gardening can be done in a different way and things will keep growing even at this time of year with that type of care.
A discussion we have had so many times- or me in Praveen's ear and then whatever he passes along.
Everyone is impressed now so I think we are going to be all good.
A happy result but I tell you no little amount of frustration previously to get to this point.

 Saying goodbye to my Lali- girl...Sohan has been detailed to make sure the hungry tortoises get their daily rations.
 Papu-ji has made me a lovely new cover for my little tablet computer thingy- so cool hey?
Got them ipad size as well- new product for The Stitching Project label...and no they are not on the website yet.....big jobs when we get home.
 I have been obsessing over this woman's work for some while- Natalie Chanin - well I have a new tunic and threads packed...I am going to be inspired while on the road and stitch in my spare time- yippee
soo yummy.
This trip to Morocco is about inspiration and journals and stitch to record looking forward to hanging out with our group and having a go.
Oopps there was a typo in the latest newsletter- dates for Ghana muddled...I am so dyslexic with dates- at least I got the year right!!

all things sorted, well we hope, as much as can be done is done and there is always email or phone if anyone needs us.
So excited to be off to Paris later with my many times I have stood by the big heart in the Nikki de St Phaille fountain and rung him, saying "I wish you were here" this time I can simply kiss him - oohh wow. He is Indian so he will blush becomingly at such displays in public but we won't be in India so I can be fully Australian and bold for a change.

happy times to you all :)

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