Sunday, May 05, 2013

last minutes

Well it is a furnace here,
we have air conditioning in our bedroom and running the dial at 18'C and the fan full speed overhead it just about cools the room down enough you can sleep- but it is still to hot to even think of putting a sheet on you.
The electricity goes on and off through the night somewhat like disco lights and as it is not full strength the AC is not working at full strength but it is still much appreciated.
We leave in a few days for Southern Europe where it will be deliciously cooler...think some how that makes it seems hotter here??
If we weren't going anywhere would I be more accepting of the weather rather than dreaming of next week, cool air, new sights, sounds and smells...adventures....
it is important to be where you are now and appreciate it- who really knows what tomorrow will bring?
At my house the little geckos are so happy- this warm weather makes them bounce all over the place...this little guy was really enjoying elephant climbing this morning...I was packing threads for a little stitching along the way on our trip and I found gecko eggs tucked inside the thread cones.
Carefully took out the ones I wanted and rolled the eggs back amongst the others.
Soon baby geckos who jump around even more than Mummy and Daddy.
A million layers of getting ready
  • trip booking all in line, contacts all contacted and checked on, workshops organized etc, etc, etc fingers crossed
  • booking for our sortie into France later all sorted...and then a last minute change as our nephew is having a party and asked if we can turn up at his place earlier- Yehh but ohh what a lot of re-gigging the schedule. This is a break for us, a delicious dream come true. Paris the city of love with my man- hmmmm :) but also work related - doing what we enjoy researching a Creative Arts Safaris idea...
  • we have had orders into the Coats Anchor thread guy for months so we could pack stitching work and leave it here to give out whilst we are away and of course the guy is running slow- out of white thread, number 300 cream and my favourite dark, dark purple 127 teeth gnashing!
  • Stitching ladies all seem to have gone to weddings...the stars must be very auspicious this year as there seems a lot of weddings on just at them hard to touch base with everyone and remind them what is happening. Oh well they can rouse on Praveen when we get back....some days I can talk a bit of Hindi and other days I can't understand a thing- useful that - haha
ohh fun and games.
days in the office and workshop are always fun, sometimes taxing...the ones on the road are even more fun and exhausting but in a very pleasing way...and off we go :)
I have my fancy new laptop, hopefully wifi is easy to find and we can stay in touch

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