Friday, June 28, 2013

have you seen it?

We are a properly registered Indian business. To achieve this feat it took 2 years of poking around to find our where to start and then a further 2 years to fill out all the forms and get all the codes and licences we might need.
We and our accountant still wait for the next thing to be sprung on us.
We have
  • our registration number
  • IE Code
  • PAN Number
  • TIN number,
  • some other thing that is in Hindi and no one has ever asked for once we had to have it!!
  • registration number with the Export Council
  • and apparently a TAN - what do you think that is for? I don't know and I can't find a copy of it to fill out a form. Where did I hide it, have you seen it go it of any use or merely another way of Indian paper pushers to choke the life out of those trying to do business?
 I want to do fun things like dream about the Bayeux Tapestry- might have a serious affliction with wanting to lay eyes on it again after the first visit....
wonder how the Lady is...she was on holidays when I was in Paris and they were doing up her house ....I have had serious peeking lust since the last time I visited her, so you can imagine how loudly I groaned when I climbed the stairs and the doors were closed!
I could be seriously happy working on a few new samples that are running around in my head,
or working on samples for new clients...or about anything [writing blogs] rather than mooching around calling "Here TANny, TANny"
perhaps I am suffering from meltdown.
will it rain or will I crack?

Oh and don't forget Jen and her big sale at A Piece of Cloth Studios
ha, ha...back to the hunt :)

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