Saturday, June 29, 2013

still ranting.... and Cluny Museum

Finally found the TAN...and rembered the same difficulty last year, only need it when I fill out the membership form for the Export council.
Even talked to the accountant and they were a bit vague as to its use.
Thought of more things we are registered for....I knew yesterday's list was not long enough!!
we are registered for and pay
  • VAT [and of course depending on the item it varies for 5-17.5%]
  • TDS- some tax we have to collect from some suppliers and pay the government
  • Sales tax, we have to charge travel clients and quarterly pay to govt
  • Business tax
  • personal tax.
Only 10% of the Indian population of 1.2 + billion people are liable or at least pigeoned holed and so have to pay tax, most of those generally avoid a large part of what they should pay and the few who try to do everything by the book spend all their time filling out more and more paperwork to comply.

so to get onto something far more interesting some pictures from Paris...ohh I love so much in Paris.
The Cluny Museum
 Couldn't sleep so well last night and kept half waking up and going into obsessions over costing and itinerary fro new trip France: the Mirrabelle Trail where the them is basically medieval stuff-  and most things French as well....
So this morning started getting out some of the pictures of places I love to remind me what we are working on....

 There was a wonderful exhibition of ancient tapestries...this small one was one of the oldest dated 1480 and the best...such characterizations...really charming.

 And a selection of other images....a hint at the absolute splendour of this museum....all a bit blurry because no flash- so what to be there was wonderful

 What I was really looking forward to was the Lady and Unicorn Tapestries but she had gone to Japan and they were re-doing her room....will have to go back and see her when she returns- won't we?
Feel better now, Stitching Ladies arriving so am off to work.
Sometimes when you are ina grump you just have to change your focus don't you?

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