Saturday, August 03, 2013

Guts to follow your heart.

I got a message from a friend today...I say that though we have yet to meet...we have talked via the internet for some years...and it looks like we be able to meet soon.
her story is sad yet like the phoenix rising from its ashes she has the guts to follow her heart and go on. I admire her attitude...don't know if I would be able to be that strong
 I popped this on FB a little while ago and she is still running in my heart I thought you would be inspired as well
A dear woman I know whose husband died last year just wrote...she is coming to India as a volunteer for 6 months. So inspiring.
she sent this quote- is how I came to India first off as well
"the only way forward was to gather my courage & keep moving down the unknown path to my dream, where my soul was calling me.
I wasn't running away.
I was running towards something'
sharell cook

Have the guts like her, give things a go 

Happy travels Debbie xx

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