Tuesday, August 06, 2013

go a little nuts...

I could just leave it at I go a little nuts sometimes.....it is quite true....but really usually there is a theme to it.
Lately the pile of braid we accumulate making things out of re-cycled silk saris has been driving me nuts.
Cotton offcuts get bought for re-cycling from a company in Delhi...tried to sell the sari braid but unless it is carefully sorted for metal and non-metal no one wants it and they only want metal anyway...so it sits there becoming bigger and bigger piles!!
 Feeling the joys of menopause probably doesn't help much as there are some long sleepless nights at the moment.....
 One has finally proven fruitful! I nailed it as far as I was concerned and then got to the workshop and got the guys onto these 2 versions of re-cycled sari braid bags.
I am chuffed.... and I have enquiries already- yippee.
The hard fact of a workshop of one's own is that after the joy of making I have to sell things to keep many people employed and try and create new markets so we can employ more women....

 Tried this the other day as well using sari silk....gorgeous but when done on the machine by the guys in the workshop too slow and so too expensive....but doing it slightly differently I have Santosh one of our women doing it by hand and think it will work just fine.....waiting for something to show but it could be a winner. The colours here make my heart sing!

Scarves are now flying out the door...we are madly scurrying around to make another batch we cleared the shelves- yippee!! got them strewn all across the floor to my right just at the moment as I try and knuckle down to do major tours office work...at least there is beautiful colour in my peripheral vision - happy , happy.
OK office work here I come!!

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