Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last minute preparations

 As usual a bit busy here, slowly the fields are turning golden and we will have a good harvest this year...although today with a covering of clouds some will be worried...the coolness is welcome but rain would really mess up harvesting...damp and mould might come....
we will see.
 At home there is nothing like to activity before groups arrive- and a nagging wife- 3 years he has been a going to do this or like every year at this time a bit of gentle encouragement- or big stick!! and a little more happens.
We are hosting a group of students from UTS in Sydney for 2 weeks of workshops and in between / at the same time have a group of teachers doing a cultural studies programme travelling around Rajasthan- Creative Arts Safaris Private Trips are firing !!
We were a bit embarrassed a few weeks ago- 2 young Brits found us and were looking for things to stock their shop back home...we are madly in progress for the next Trade Show but when I came to being able to show things now, and a product list and a price list we were wait for it- we almost have all the lists and things priced and a display A POP UP SHOP- how up to date - it will be at will be so organized [well hopefully all organized....] we have a huge amount of people visit during tourists fingers crossed. Also looking forward to useful feedback on what we are making- comments and ideas always appreciated.
 This had been a bit of a carrot for us...our old car is literally falling to bits.....I have been snarly- fix it , fix it....but really we need a new reliable one and one where windows close, doors open and AC works!! so we are putting an order in and will pick it up just before Diwali when the Goddess of Prosperity is most kind.
 Cleaning the house like crazy I found this under the dust on the bookshelf.....
and when all over come with things to do, decisions to make.....nothing like a bit of bling to lighten the load.
happy, happy.
Our next tour is only weeks away- can't wait- we have a good crowd lined up, we are going to great places, and we get to run away from home for a few weeks- yippee.

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