Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Conserve India

If you are in Delhi early December, this is an exhibition to see

Iconic bag waste converted into an iconic artwork


One of our most famous bag designs called Anarkali bag has in the past few years sold over 10,000 pcs .  We have tried this shape in various materials. And more or less it does well in any material. The tyre tube anarkali handbag has a floral pattern on it.   A lot of waste has been collected from the cutoffs from its flower motif. So I decided to use the fragile cutoffs of the flowers into an artwork for my next exhibition at India Habiat Centre in New Delhi in December.  Its called Lace in tyre. In some ways my artworks are a visual image to my thoughts, emotions and ideas. I have always found very difficult to create fragility and detailing in tyre tube handbags. This was amazing for me. I was a creating a new script for the tyre tube. The pattern which emerged had a rhythm of an ancient script.

Hope you enjoy viewing my artwork . We look forward to hearing your comments.


Warm regards

a message from Conserve India- great project, great to visit, great stuff they make, great social impact...great, great, great :)

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