Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Busy and fun

 We take one minute to sit still amongst all the running around with our group and a friend does this to us....perhaps I liked her more when she was a Luddite!
 We are well pleased with having the house full and so many feeling at home...Our Pukka Studio is full steam ahead.
 Went to the dye man yesterday- always fun to play amongst the drying clothes.
 Sanju Devi is with us leading another workshop in Sujani embroidery...we feel so privileged when she comes to visit, she is lovely to spend time with.
 I do have a tiny pop up shop of her stuff on our FB page- if there is anything you like message me and I can get the price from her and then organize to post it to you before she leaves....the work is naïve and charming as always.

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