Monday, October 07, 2013

Last minute= million details

 Last Friday we had a party for our departing students - it was great we invited all our Stitching Ladies and Nandu our Block Print Madam and the gang from the workshop....wonderful to have all our ladies in one place and celebrate how special they are to us...and what a big team we are all becoming.
Present time- a gift for Papu-ji from the girls for being amazing in the workshop...keeping everything going AND stitching a million samples for the girls....and for Praveen and I a donation to kick start our library.
Hope Initiative is at the fiddling around with do we register it here???
Good question we are onto it.
We are starting our with a library- it will all be in boxes and can be throw in the car and taken from one school or village to the next. If you can read a little, with books it can become a lot! If you can read you can learn anything!
One day we will have bricks and mortar as a base and a computer centre but 1 step at a time.
Name of the library Kitab= Books [ kitab is Hindi for books we will label in English and Hindi and to start have mostly Hindi books]
Glad to feel we have a clear direction...we want to work on girl's education as well but that is a big challenge, we are talking to some groups who have a lot more experience and working our way into that idea.
 Our lovely Manju checking our some of the students work
 A whole heap of our Ladies with Sanju from Bihar our Sujani embroidery teacher in the middle.
I had a whole heap of washed saris there to go to the workshop they were a brilliant ice breaker with the Ladies dressing the students as proper Indian women....many, many laughs.
Ohh what a good day :)

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