Friday, November 15, 2013

Artisan Culture

Introducing Artisan Culture.

As you well know we are very interested in crafts and textiles FAIRLY TRADED....for our work at The Stitching Project we endeavour to be as transparent as possible in all our dealings...and yes it is a constant learning curve. How to do things well, how to improve what we are doing, checking outcomes are good for us and our gang and you our clients.

Along the way we meet and sometimes work with some great people, people with similar ideas.
It is our great pleasure to be a part of the supply chain for Artisan Culture.
It has taken some while plotting and planning and now their new website is up and running, take a look, leave a hello message so they know you have seen is always an option!

Really excited by this and now training up our Ranjit to monitor the orders we receive from them.
You will know his name- here he is in the pink shirt - always helpful, reliable and about to start learning how to use a computer and check emails.
Running the workshop we try and be fair... we would like every one to have a good wage and be happy with their work.... part of that is paying them properly for what they do, where they are in the pecking order of the workshop and the skills they use.
We know Rangit has more in him but we have reached the upper limit of what we can pay him as inventory manager and the 'do this' guy...adding a serious skill to his job set will mean we can increase his wages as well when he nails it.
 Yeh! He is a smart young man, if he had had opportunities he could have gone to Uni and done very well, instead he left early and worked to support his family. We can't give him a complete degree but we can make sure he keeps acquiring new skills.
Thanks to our new association with Artisan Culture it is already spreading the love :)
Happy day to you.
Off to scare Ranjit with new skills- he stutters when he is listening to the decrease in stutter in the next days or weeks I can see how comfortable he is with the new work.

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