Thursday, November 14, 2013

Buzzing along like usual

I have been going along quite happily, enjoyed the long week end we had over Diwali, managed to run away from the workshop for a few hours the other day with Praveen to buy new jooti shoes at the camel fair, AND have afternoon tea at a local café!!
Yippee a whole few hours off.

 Had time to be silly and take selfies with my mate Dawn as we whiled away the hours on the train to Delhi for her to head back to Oz....
 admire my Baba with his new nose ring...
and learnt how to make silly pictures of Praveen with some gizmo on my phone...
Yesterday I went home tired but pleased, we have got the tour "France- the Mirrabelle Trail" all sorted and bookings open and ideas for "Indian Inspiration Creative Camp" bubbling along nicely.
So busy but things looking fine....madly sorting block printing for new samples for trade show, making stitching samples and etc.
Today I woke up feeling majorly stressed out...been making a joke of it but really I was ready to bite Praveen's head off before I realised I am probably having another hormone surge!! Menopause can be actually takes the edge off it being able to identify the source of the tension but it is only 9.00am and my shoulders are aching....I just want to go and bite someone. Horrible isn't it??
Ohh well onto a day of trying to manage my behaviour and get more stitching happening...surely the pleasure of that will dilute the hormone induced ggggrrrrrrrrr.

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