Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolution

  • A lot more time sitting and stitching.... I want to make nice things....we are building me a proper studio on top of the workshop. more space, pin board, paint/print table....will also mean more room for our women to sit and stitch next door to my studio
  • health wise we have been good little Vegimites and walking regularly, stretching/ yoga-ing
  • no drinking...not even a blood warmer on our cold winter nights!!
  • Delegation- others here at the office could do more if they stopped asking me and thought for a minute....trying to get that happening more and more.
  • We need week-ends away every month or two... we used to go off and explore India now we stay home and work...many places we can go AND we will.
  • more time sitting, stitching, working in the garden- I love my garden. This week started a lily pond, have gold fish and are building a great wall of tortoise to keep the guys safe...
     a new sitting area for me and when we have groups at the house...trellis over the top, chairs, mats and cushions for lounging...lily pond in front in tank- yeh.

  • Things are changing....
  • I just want to sit and stitch- concoct ideas with our ladies....wish someone else could handle the office and sell things so that could happen.
  • Ohh had a funny day yesterday stirring the women up with very new ideas- a challenge!! Take a look very funny on a cold, cold afternoon

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