Friday, December 27, 2013

Crafty ideas

I have been sneaking out into the sun for a few hours each day it is not here so am stuck at the computer slowly becoming an ice cube!
This is what I have been stitching
 It is the Textured handloom from our Etsy shop- we dye it black most often. and then using our sari yarn I stitch, and stitch.
 I am looking at some of this bronze mix and thinking knitting needles are in order- I am making skinny scarves [ again with trade show in mind] - I am wearing a hot pink and blue one today - it is a cheerful way to beat winter chills- just need something for my ankles really
got our shaggy crotched bags all sorted- pattern drawn up for the ladies, weight of yarn, timings to crotchet one...etc

happy, happy...I love sari ripped yarns- always been a random type of knitter....want to knit a vest next??? mulling over the shape- perhaps it will be in the bronze colours?? hmmm

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Dijanne Cevaal said...

I love the cross stitched handloomed fabric- i can so see things done with this...!