Thursday, December 26, 2013

year ending

End of the year already...I must say I feel like I have been running all year and I had thought 2012 was busy!
Way too much and time to make some major changes.
Recently I was in Oz which was lovely and sad at the same time....this hassle with visas for Praveen is really wearing me down.... It does not feel like a holiday when I am on my own,  the pleasure of seeing everyone I love is diminished when I don't get to share it with him....
I know I should just buck up and get on with things- be happy for the opportunities I have but it is rather hard to do at the moment.
ohh well....
Pleasures of Oz...
 catching up with Alison Muir and Trudy are some of Trudy's people from a recent exhibition- gorgeous.
 Checking out some of Zac's latest work....looking good
 a few days at the beach house with my younger boys and friends.... much fishing on their part but generally fish were totally safe.
 Being silly with Zac and my brother Steve.
My lovely biggest boy and his gorgeous wife...dinner at Four in Hand was fantastic...really yum.
 and then home again...inspired by Gramshree [ we visit them in our Raj Tour, by the way ] I am documenting timings, variations I explore in the things we make. Here is sari rip yarn knitted on various needles and the variation in size- all same amount of stitch....I have gone for the 15 mm needles - unfortunately 20mmm are just too loose and things would snag too easily even though so much quicker.
Life is always a compromise.
 Checking out new hotels to use in Jaipur...we are heading a bit more grand Heritage Hotel....affordable for our groups and memorable places....yeh and right next door to Hot Pink..a yummy boutique .
Intense office work has resulted in finishing off 2 tours- next years' Raj Tour and our Indian Inspiration Creative Camp- bit excited about this idea- I get to stay home, play and have visitors all at once!
Found a new programme to make CAS newsletters easier....once I got a handle on it I think it IS going to be a winner.... yeh.
 More samples- I am loving these crocheted bags...

after many dead ends trying ways to do the handle that made me happy I simply wrapped it,,,,now they feel finished!
 A lot of this madness is to do with the Trade Show in just a few weeks...still waiting to see what shape our stall is but finally I have a plan for presentation...well sort of.
Re-cycled and hand made is our coat hangers are to be colourful and wrapped....bright mats on the floor....
a poster- a bit boring but a fabric frame should set it off....
to be kept in mind
my resolutions for the New Year
1. sit in the garden more often
2. keep doing the morning walking and yoga I have been onto the last week or was complete GROOOOAAANNNN-a-rama to start but even a week later I can feel an improvement. Sore muscles from use feel a lot better than pain from Non-use and already the Claw formation my back liked to spasm into is softening.
3. I've put aside the demon alcohol....easy for a glass of red to call too loudly in the evening... and without it I get more sitting and stitching in a pleasant manner happening
4. I WANT a holiday...not a tour, not a work trip.... a holiday. Never could see the allure of going somewhere to do nothing, a slow learner but I think I could work it out now.
Trying to make more of this happen as part of the new me.
Happy New Year to you.


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