Friday, January 10, 2014

Tweaking Tours...

Things have been running a bit slow on one of our tours...I was wondering why and someone kindly clued me in this morning- thanks :)
We try to run our tours as fairly as possible, we cost everything in, pay any workshops etc as a fair rate negotiated with the workshop, then add a fixed percentage as our profit [ this over time covers research trips, office, taxes, and our wages]....same for private trips, group tours does not go up and down depending on what we think we can get.
This works well for us so far- in the developing world we always use 3 to 4 star accommodation [OK some places it might be what ever they have and stars are not mentioned but we do agonize over where to stay] In Europe that becomes quite expensive.
Praveen and I stayed in a great place- probably only 1 star and tiny!! but clean and friendly and more  expensive than most places we regularly use in India. I was not thinking that budget but we could easily improve cost looking at hotels again.
France; the Mirrabelle Trail so I am asking around for feedback....any it will be very much appreciated.

I wonder if I might take a moment of your time to ask for some feedback re price.
One person very interested in the tour has kindly said that it is more than her budget likes. Thank you for the feedback.
Personally I was a bit surprised when I added up all the costs- transport in Europe is a shocker and hotels not far behind, I put it down to being used to travelling in the developing world.
We chose nice quality hotels in the right area for what we are doing…they are all on the upper 3 to 4 star rating. What you get is a bit of space in the rooms- I can find nice hotels in the same areas that are cheaper but rooms are small.
How important is the accommodation to you? We always find pleasant places that are clean and comfortable…but we can certainly improve on price there.
We usually include quite a few meals in our tours, and in the developing world that makes life much easier.
In France it really adds up again.
I know Dijanne is a big fan of shopping locally and picnics…and a few nice restaurants along the way. Praveen and I did the same thing when we were there….what about you?
Transport is the biggest expense- I have had a lot of trouble finding bus companies [ Europe as a whole has yet to embrace the internet like much of the rest of the world] but I am poking around still on that front.
I hope you don’t mind my asking- my apologies if I offend you.
We always feel like we are travelling with friends by the end of a trip and we do ask for and listen to feedback.

Doing a tour in the developed world is a first time for us and we are finding our way into what might suit our guests.
Our very best wishes

Fiona and Praveen
Feed back gratefully appreciated 

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