Thursday, January 16, 2014

are we there yet?

 This small pile of stuff- stuffed into the corner represents months and months of plotting and planning, and it will expand when on display to fill our stall nicely.
Only 2 days to go and we are off to Delhi for the Indian International Garment Fair. Hall 12 Stall 18.
We sssssssoooooo hope to catch customers eyes and get orders happening.
 New purse we are rather pleased with.
 New print we are going to use on quilts for the Trade Show in 1 months time.....
Praveen has been working hard on photographing and displaying things well for our catalogue....
madly tagging and pricing things....hope to get this afternoon off....
one can hope.
This is that last minute rush, everything has actually been going rather well and much more relaxed the last month or so. HEALTH and a bit of relaxation is still to be this year's motto.

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