Saturday, February 22, 2014

back again!

2 days to holidays...well sort of holiday, fabric weavers looking and I can see lots of organization for work to take and do along the way.
not complaining htough....we are finally making good headway with our Stitching Project....lots of nice orders to fill....nothing too large , thankfully but great testing size - checking for the client and testing for us to see if all our processes are in place and working.
Ohh and you know panic! where do we start. Just taking a minute for computer to download emails and enjoy my cup of tea....then lest go, go, go.
The look on Papu-ji's face this morning and Ranjit was fabulous. They particularly put in a great effort and then have to wait at home to hear the report.

 Here we are as silly as ever and ready for our first day
 we are quick now at whip[ping a stall together....filled up nicely
different people liked different these orders come to fruition much of our range will be trotting off in different directions.
Off to work!

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