Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stitching the Strip

A little project we have been concocting with Anne of Timeless Textiles

Talking Needles
Her description is very kind.....we wanted a way to bring the outside world to our women a lots of photos will be taken and then shown on our phones or computer later....
it will be a chance in both places to talk about fair trade and women's things [poor Praveen is becoming a good translator of such things] and how life all around the globe is very similar for all the differences, although we do need to ensure a fair bite of that apple for all.
Morning soap box :)

  • Much loved Fibre artist, Fiona Wright, who now lives in rural India is returning to the Hunter. For many years Fiona has been working with locals, mostly women in “ The Stitching Project’.  This workshop enables you to be part of a joined up Hopes and Dreams project with Fiona and “The Stitching Women’- joining up with the creativity across continents and cultures.
    Come and create ‘ Hope flags’ with Fiona- listen to her wonderful tales, whilst you stitch- focusing on the themes of compassion; hope; peace; love; sharing and dreaming

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