Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Home again

we had a great trip...very satisfying in terms of leads and ideas, not all a holiday really....well the first few days were sort of but we were too tired to appreciate it and then the last week in Bihar was definitely all work, interesting but the difficulty in travelling made it very hard going.
Anyone who links to me on Facebook will have seen how beautiful Bihar is as well as gruesome stories of traffic snarls that can last days...no not an exaggeration.
Computer is still in holiday mode and does not want to load pictures...so you will have to wait for that....
I am chatting to you as I try and make a list in my head of where to start first.....
a little time to ourselves has given Praveen and I time to think a little,
response to our project is growing....we hope this coming year it will become profitable. Up to now we have been propping it up with funds from our tour business.
We are very happy with the way we have built engagement from all our contributors -workshop guys, stitching ladies and want to build on that involvement.
For International Women's Day I was invited to be a guest blogger for Conserve. This is a group you will have heard me mention many times, I felt be privileged to be invited, one of those things put on the spot and what do you say...I could probably write volumes but wanted to make it a KISS experience - really life works best when you Keep It Simple Sweetie!!
Whilst I was away I enjoyed reading Global Girlfriend by Stacey Edgar, she makes it all sound simple and I know it is but underlying it what a lot of hard work and soul searching must have gone into finding that place.
Do read this book for a good yarn but most importantly her way of bringing the women she works with into your lounge room...the world over we are the same...it is only our location and circumstances that are different. I can only hope if I was ever plopped into many of the world's women's shoes I could get on with life with such grace and hope.
OK into the workshop, sorting out lists of what is ready, what needs to be ready yesterday and what we will do next.
Mantra for the day....one bite at a time


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