Sunday, March 16, 2014

one of those weeks

Everything is running by at a blurrrrrrrrrr,
we have orders, and then more orders and pleased
caused a few tense minutes trying to get things happening and reinforcing idea of following samples- once order placed is not the time for creative suggestions hold onto them until we are making another round of samples!!!! please ...
generally though things are progressing well.
Today is the start of this afternoon and tomorrow off.....yet ladies have been able to maintain focus and keep the stitching coming right up until the last minute/
Praveen is very good at begging and cajoling about keeping going.....
once we are back in the workshop on  Tuesday will see work heading off and more piling up everywhere to do the same soon
Blogger is already in holiday mode so only 1 picture from the dim memories of our holidays

a beautiful Madhubani bridal room.
Happy Holi

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