Thursday, March 20, 2014


Nothing like turning the generator off to feel a touch of nirvana....
electricity only out for half an hour [ last year half of most days at least] but I find the vibration and noise of it so hard to cope with....torture. At the moment my lovely spring time garden means also springtime asthma/ hay fever....which notches up the reaction to generator by a fair margin....
now in post generator nirvana will stop whinging.
 look at my lovely flowers....heat is already building on Holi a few days before it was one of those bleached out intense sun days, a little hint of the heat to come. yet somehow that does not seem as daunting as coping with the humidity down south or the cold in Australian winters....we are all strange creatures and need to find the place that best suits us in the world. It ain't necessarily where you started.

 So been working like mad,
happy, happy madness because it is filling orders, keeping us all on our toes and because we have a number of different people we are trying to make them all happy as quick as possible and do everything at once! used to plodding a long a bit more but first order is important.
We are planning a training day for new ladies in the next day or too and trying to work on training our existing people to plan a bit and give accurate feedback about when they can finish a piece....
so many little things that you get from going to school
just having to turn up in time for the bell is a training, which days to go and what books to take a training in organization.... as an old school teacher I see the layers of education which were the foundation of imparting the 3 R's to students.
we're persistent and our people are great, slowly, slowly we are building a strong team.
new clients mean new questions and requirements, one wants to feature some of our products in their on-line shop [ stay tuned- Ill tell you all about it when it hatches!!] which means things we have always done as a 1 off need to come in a range of sizes
 boy has it caused Papu-ji to scratch his head a bit but finally we have a plan and work underway.
This is a great improvement over how we have been working with the waterfall jacket design  and we have tweaked the pattern as well..
change is difficult but it brings good results. Thank you Universe for the lessons.
Philosophizing finished a need to go help hand stitch Happy Hippy key chains for one of our orders
Peace, Love and Hope to you too :)

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