Sunday, May 04, 2014

I’ve arrived in Oz,
Lovely balmy weather the first few days and disbelief I always seem to freeze when I get here, then
last night a southerly blew in – sideways, it was so strong- and it is cold and sssoooooo windy.
Still nice
I am up at my mates’ Dawns’ place, boys have been around to visit and I am finishing off on some quilts for Talking Needles. These quilts I am calling Many Hands Quilts….the panels I gave out and said “go for it”……following on the theme of the flags where they could do as they liked.
When I sell these quilts profit will go back to those who stitched and some for the money jar for the library idea…..some of the stitched blocks are cool, so I have photographed those ones and will find out who did them and name the block for that woman.
If we use a block as the basis of a quilt we will pay the woman a designer’s fee and name the design for her. All part of a devious plan to engage the woman more I what we do and lay the foundation for one day being able to help them start their own co-op or little shop in Pushkar to sell Their Work.
Isn't this the coolest chair?
The trip here was most inspiring…as I was passing by I was able to stop and meet Anita in Singapore….early days- you know major plotting and planning days – but keep your eye out in the next wee while Moirai will be the place to visit when you are visiting the tropical paradise of Singapore.
Every time I visit Singapore I am delighted with the gardens and trees and greenery – wish more governments had such a thing for gardens- has to be good for people’s moral as well as environment

Anyway- hello all, many dear friends I owe an email to....I do think of you but life has been so busy lately I have been remiss. xxx.
Stitching in the gallery tomorrow as part of the Talking Needles project/event/ exhibition? Don't know what to call it but it will be fun :)

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