Friday, May 09, 2014

Talking Needles

Talking Needles,

Is happening and stitching together well.

I really appreciate Anne of Timeless Textiles saying, “Yes this is a good idea.” and then the women at NCEATA getting involved and now so many members of the community involved.

We have been loading pictures on FB and it makes me realise how wide my community is – it stretches all across the globe- thank you guys.

When I suggested this idea I was looking for a way to connect our Ladies a little to where their work goes, when I explained it to Praveen he was immediately supportive and has spent a lot of time helping me think it through and steering conversations to help create a context for our women to see what we were doing.

Where their work goes, the size and breadth of the world is sometimes a little hard to grasp when you come from a very small village in rural India…..

I had not so much thought through the outside part of this story and now I am out here experiencing it I am very gratified, pleased, grateful, happy I am not sure of the word but the feeling brings a tear to me eye and warmth to my heart.

Thank you kind people.

Sitting in the gallery stitching each day, chatting, seeing people wander through is so similar to our little village, lots of stories, lots of laughs and a few sad things to hear….we are all so similar the world over it is just where we park our bottom that changes the surroundings. A big plus of the Newcastle gallery is I can understand the whole story without having to elbow Praveen and say, “What did she say?”

So this feels like a huge success and soon I will be home, we will show pictures and tell stories of what happened with the other side of the people in the event.

Anne has arranged an auction of flags and the Many Hands Quilts for Sunday, great…..the dream of starting a mobile library to take books to kids at schools in the area is getting a huge boost… big task will be to bring it to fruition- we’ll get there.

This is my piece "Forrest or the Trees?"
first thing I have made for years just for the purpose of saying something, expressing myself....all my creative juices go into The Stitching Project was great to work this through......under the hammer to a new home on Sunday....I have proved I can find the time for my work and will continue at it :)

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