Sunday, July 13, 2014

Building....hopeful camels, helpful cows....

A mate just asked for a building is getting close now....
 Baba - early morning ready to go to work...hopeful for a handout on the way. He is integral to building, ferrying water to the workshop in his camel cart.
 Door is installed for print room
 stone shelves are in place...
 tiles are going onto roof to weather proof everything
 view from print room window
 Ladies Stitching room- space for 2 quilt tables and plenty of stuff
 lots of windows for good light
Matilda the cow...sampling cloth we are dyeing for new Peace Graffiti Lycra yoga tights....
Things are happening...can actually start to see an end to it all.
can't wait to have a good clean up and get the dust out of everything...picking up files or thread boxes or anything and it is very liberally coated in dust- yuk!!

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