Monday, July 21, 2014

making headway....

 Well builders left, thankfully tapping and stone cutting finished....painful.
 Painters in
Mess everywhere building clean up to do
everything needs to be tossed out of every room and nook and cranny and dusted and a new home and organization found for it.
Got new office guy, who is turning all the books up and out as well....transparency and order coming along....soon I will be able to turn over to him a mountain of fiddly tasks....the need for systems and double checking he gets. systems, systems, systems....up until now every time I instigated  something it was either crashed or forgotten and everyone relied on me to remember everything. Exhausting and stressful and you well me can get so locked into coping you well me couldn't see the end to the mess.

A good scream and a new employee and boy what a difference.
Same method employed in the cutting cutting man looking amenable and a new system there will help Praveen and I keep everyone on track.

Meanwhile we as a workshop have been working like crazy on orders.
We now employ 45 women...amazing, training is going well with new ones....probably 1 or 2 to be weeded out they are onto there 3rd chance and we have a strict 3 strike we will see.
More building.....relationships....
In Singapore we now have a presence via Anita of Moirai
They stock a lot of our work and we are working on a whole heap of new things that will be exclusive to her shop[s]...she has plans.
 They have created an elegant, peaceful space, madly busy with interest in our work; so behind the scenes a lot of scurrying getting work happening.
I have spoken to Anita a few times this week and I can hear her excitement and the pleasure she is experiencing working with one of her daughters, sharing a dream together.
Wonderful energy.
 Do drop by if you are in Singapore

Shop Great World City, 


B-2, Unit 10,

1, Kimseng Road , 


Lovely to experience their dreams happening and be involved.
Many amazing new beginnings....

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