Friday, August 22, 2014


My mate Dijanne has a lovely dream...half reality....her work is fantastic and her attention to detail and background info amazing...I have seen the small book she did on the Sentinel's-  beautiful work.
I am giving her book a big plug. I want the copy I have ordered one for myself and the 2 copies for friends to become a reality. I know they are going to very much appreciated gifts....not exactly a surprise because both mates read this blog and will probably guess...but hey!
have a look, lend your support, I am sure you will enjoy the results 
here is the link

 Finally Praveen has let me explode upstairs...Ok I had to give him a big elbow in the side and barge in...he wanted to wait for the tables to be installed, I could not stand it any here are saris across the print room floor
 off in the distance is our new office- still got to drag stuff up there....we are so busy downstairs stitching and organizing things....
 Views from the verandah...starting to feel like home with drying saris draped everywhere.
so excited to think we will have a print room very soon....I am bursting with ideas to try and will not have to waste precious time drag around to Nandu's place. Nandu has agreed to come and work for us mornings, her son Vijay can keep the printing going at home, she will have regular income and being here we can keep an eye on quality issues we have had with her.
madly trying to employ more tailors and a helper and a samples lady....chasing sari sellers all over the place....normal days in the workshop.

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Thanks for the thumbs up Fiona- much appreciated!