Tuesday, September 16, 2014

 Life is just a blur.....wwwwwwhhhhhhhhoooooooosssssssshhhhhhhhhh
is all I hear.
I went up to Delhi for a training session organized by AIACA, the group that certify us for Craftmark, focused on things I never thought I would need to think about in my life.....and quite frankly if it was not for our responsibilities to all the people we create work for I would avoid it like the plague!
Costing, indirect costs, direct costs, entity legal structures, production planning, being up to date with Government requirements for taxes etc and India has so many things to be aware of...always something new we have not heard of.
So with my head bursting from all this, we realised we need better procedures for all our book work and accounting....no education in this area we have been creating a system as we go along, then refining things as we go. Really trying to re-invent the wheel!
 Sushil a  good friend of our nephew Sunil is an accountant and he came down for the weekend....went through our book keeping like a dose of salts.
Wow, many things we had right, a bit of refinement is all that is needed and other things we have not even had a chance to work out yet.
Intense.....now is a melee of chopping into and re-working books. Getting it all ship shape...it will be so  much for usable soon.
BUTTTTTTTTTTTT OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH bookwork is not my strongest love.
 All I want to do is run away, up to my print room and play new samples.
It is a carrot that is getting a bit soggy from over dangling.....
a little therapeutic stitching each evening keeps the dream alive and has netted this new indigo quilt top.....a tumbling block one pending....

The first pleasure of each day is breakfast with our tortoises, I have let the bigger ones out into the garden area....lots of space and different things to nibble and yet here they are waiting on the step for me to come out.
Back to the grind stone.
 Ohhh and tour season starts next week, we have 4 running in the next month, lots of lovely visitors here and much to watch from the distance as they have a lovely taste of our type of India!

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