Wednesday, October 01, 2014

 The last few weeks have been huge....running our Stitching workshop, training new women, madly scrambling to finish off orders and get it out the door, and time to host various is the silly season!!
 Fantastic tie and dye by the Teachers Education Tour and a night of laughs cooking dinner and enjoying gypsy dancers....
 We met a group of University of Technology students in Jaipur and spent 2 days playing indigo experiments and then back to the workshop for a 10 day printing intensive.
 great group, we are so enjoying seeing what they are creating, the time to focus on the challenge at hand away from the busy world of University is really paying off.

We have another group we have organized a trip for doing yoga each day in Pushkar, they are coming to visit tomorrow, so will be great to touch base. The yoga teacher was once my student many, many moons ago...I so enjoy seeing the wonderful young woman she has grown into.

Amongst all this is fiddling around, continuing to work on better understand our book keeping system.... we need to know what we have at hand, what processes need to happen to it, who has ordered it, filling orders, filling all the one million and one forms to export it, or all the taxes for selling in India.... never ending paperwork.
Most importantly we need to be bale to analyse what is happening business wise, cash flows etc and plan to keep the work coming in , being made in a timely manner and getting dispatched on time.
This is to safe guard the work for our gang and ourselves- we all need to earn an income.
 Next hurdle is form filling and starting the accreditation process with Fair Trade Forum-India.....more paperwork!!
next week when the studio is free I am going to run away and hide up stairs and print up a storm!! Silver lining.
and, and , and, I think I have a friend coming to visit who will help get the library project up and running....I figure if she is here and keen to lend a hand then the Indian paperwork and registration can keep taking its own time, we will get books, cover them, catalogue them and start hauling them around to schools.....fingers crossed.

could do with a good snooze - but happy, happy, kushi, kushi

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