Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year

Not sure if I am late from the last one or early for the next....the way time flies it is hard to tell.
My Grandmother - Nan Charlton used to always say time speeds up...never understood it as a kid but I really get it now.
 Even my chatting to friends has become via quick Viber texts and pictures or half finished emails...where I keep having to bail out and say I'll be back later....Anne - sorry :)

These are some lovely shirts we have been working on...a frisky breeze and they would not stand still!!
Our first order of the year involved printing
all over metres of fabric as part of a special order for one of our clients....Pretty cool....
computer and phone won't talk to each other at the moment so I can't load it???? what is that anyway??
 first work in production is covered in indigo kisses....

Madly working on details for a private tour of 14 embroiderers from the UK- will be great to have them with us, our first Indian Inspiration Creative Camp is a whirl of bookings our end and excitement for me....look forward to all that creative energy here in the workshop....Friday we will be taking our block designs up to our block carver - yeh!

Not long later will be Textile Traditions of Vietnam's Vietnam. All in all our chance to share some of our textile enthusiasm and connections with our through Creative Arts Safaris is rocking along...oh and our next Rajasthan and beyond tour is all sorted and listed on the website as well.

shhhh... I don't want to spook them but our 2 office guys are proving helpful at getting through paperwork......

Amongst all this our workshop has been busy, busy, busy.
Pushing a bit and drawing patterns myself because our pattern guy is still a bit dozy and we have not found anyone new but we are making headway.
Think you can see some images here...still got to get more in our shop and in our catalogues on Pinterest but we are making headway!
Mr Mahendra our print guy is fabulous to work with ....Gillian Travis has given us the thumbs up on the printing in her new batch of flower kits....I am getting to try ideas out and have him pull them off. A very quite man he has a lovely cheeky humour and good grasp of care and quality.

off to see what is happening...I have new samples hald way through and must watch they don't get sidelined.....

Yeh a bit busy, I have visitors this week and next in the studio so hope to be able to sit and talk a bit, play with new ideas, find the bits and pieces from my Vietnam stitchied journal I have been playing with for years....lots of things.

OHH goodness yes visitors- I have to sort out the Upstairs studio!! it looks like a bomb went space and so only one to blame is me- or perhaps Praveen! he can help fix it.
 Happy happy to 2015 :)

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