Sunday, February 08, 2015

Down the rabbit hole...

Not sure how this will work but here goes.
I have one of those smart phones Praveen informed me I had to have it and bought it a year or two ago ...Well I have had to admit many times it is soooo useful.
Got bank apps,email, FB etc.
The camera is better than the last fancy one we had and has resisted the local desert dust far longer than any we have had.
Blog used to be a Sunday treat. Workshop was running but I used to scive off a bit , chat,  look at Pinterest and have a bit a think about what has been happening
Last 6 months or so we have been closed Sundays...
Well now I have just got a Blogger app and using the fancy pen on my phone this is my first hand written missive.
I've popped a few pictures up too but not sure where they went.
Blocks for coming up Creative Camp. and a rose for Rose Day.
Apparently from now until Valentine's day every day is special.
Tomorrow is Propose Day bit funny in a country where the majority of marriages are arranged.
Happy weekend

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