Sunday, February 15, 2015

Books, books

It's all about books this week.
Finally, finally l have started on the library -we have kids books in the workshop.
I've had money tagged with this specific use sitting here for ages, all in a bulging envelope waiting for this one purpose, and truthfully not a second to pour over publisher lists and see what is available.

So excited

We have a possible volunteer coming later in the year to help set up a catalogue system ... the books held protective covers now and a borrowing card in the back. . . Really l don't know how I will get that done.

My recent resolution has been to stress less and take it easier... which as you can see is really working. I can't sleep so obsessing over this at 5.00am !! Hmmm?

Back to books. There is a tutor group held next door -I reckon we can take the box in there and they can use the books for reading practice.
A small start but at least a start.

Praveen was rather distant to the whole book thing to start ... brings up his Insecurities about not going to school I guess ... he was jumping for joy with me when the parcel came and has named our Library " Books are fun '' cool hey?

Other book thing- we have been included in one of the LOVE TRAVEL guides. [ Iam writing on my phone so can't make a link -google Fiona Caulfield] l love her style and eye for interesting, authentic, cultural places and feel it a real privilege to be included.

l am off to try that new thing - chill out it is Sunday. Do you know how stressed l can feel trying to relaxed ? Something to work on there.
Happy Day to you.

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