Friday, March 20, 2015

Indian Inspiration Creative Camp

Into the second week of our camp.
l think the idea is working. Having Sanju here to share a little about Sujani embroidery got the ball rolling ... time to relax after travelling, ease into Indian time, look at possibilities offered by our workshop and start playing with new ideas.
The weekend in Jaipur was well received, indigo enjoyed and a new stash of handmade cotton waste paper is now being utilized.
This week many things are happening, eco dyeing on paper for book making, on cloth for stitching or clothes .
The handmade paper is proving lovely to stitch into so journal pages are evolving with stitch, block print, watercolor and lots of creativity.
Excitement as the workshop makes up a garment for each participant - most have used their indigo clothes.
Having fun.

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