Sunday, February 22, 2015

Obsessing over books

Still trying to make headway with our library. ..
Had a bereavement in the family this week so everything is on hold....The books are in the office and staring at me.
There will be no time for quite a while t cover. Catalogue etc.etc.... I want to get them out to kids but if it is not seen as special and managed they could get the wrong impression.  Rich people with money to throw away. ..they don't have to be looked after.
It needs to be special.
Apply to join the library. Wait for your card. Get Mum or Dad in to promise books will be cared for.
I am trying to keep my face out of is much as I can at this stage 
No matter how long I live here, I am still white. Praveen and I have a car. We are seen as rich,we create fair employment for women so good hearted but maybe a little soft in the head.
The library has be be treated as a privilege to be valued.

Work is so busy, we could start a new training group of women, we have enough work...
We have a group of English women arriving soon for a few days of workshops. We've organized their trip they are in Agra today off to a gold work embroidery class today, Taj Mahal tomorrow. ...
Indian Inspiration Creative Camp starts next week, Yeh. ...
More hours in the day please!!!
Sunday.  Off for a snooze. Bliss

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