Sunday, April 26, 2015

guess where I am?

day of rest....and I am at the workshop.
My Grandmother was a great one for sayings....not sure if it was one she used but it always comes to mind when I feel like having a whinge.
"no rest for the wicked...." I must have been very bad at some time, very bad indeed, the bugger of it is I don't remember so I don't have fond memories to saviour as I try to keep my head above water these days.
Haha, is all I can say.
Vietnam is but a fond memory,
so great to visit again and share things I love, surprises new for us all and stories of change with a group of fellow textile enthusiasts.

 Vietnam a wonderful mix of respect fro the ancestors and new all at once.
 Halong Bay, always so beautiful, cool and misty this year.
 The dear Lady we met in the back of Silk Village, proudly 81 years old, vibrant and so happy to tell stories of her youth and the working of the village and silk production, he son still operates one of the few power looms still in production there today. Fabulous to meet her. Facebook has more pictures, although there are even more on my camera! time!!
 Then back to workshop crazy, all systems go...finishing off a big order now, but more lined up....most of the staff are doing a fine job, our very expensive pattern/ cutting guy is driving me nuts. he is supposed to record data like times to make pattern , how much fabric to be used per item, estimated production time.....DETAILS to we can organize schedules, cost results....well no matter how we try to make it easy for him, help him, remind him he seems very disinclined to get on board.
As to showing new machine men what they are supposed to do, checking they have the idea forget it!! Has me a nervous wreck, so many he has cut the wrong fabric, made the wrong sizes...he is pleasant mannered, not a control freak like the guy before but is a liability and an expensive one at that.
Here at work today trialling a new far has asked the right questions, we will see the quality of his work.
would be a relief to have someone who would be prepared to do ALL od his job.

Zac is here, printing to spend me time with him getting a programme set up, looking for opportunities to promote his work...
much to do.
So to answer your questions Dawn, yes I am still around, a little update....
life is just crazy haha.

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