Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Hot, HOT, HOT!!!

and still that does not say enough.
finally home for a stretch, no visitors as is just too darn hot for anyone to be out and about.
we've got a whole heap of work on and would believe we have to start looking towards next year already.
Tours have to be planned, we will do a Trade Fair in January, once we get through the raining season it goes crazy here with students, tour groups and a million and one other distractions so the sensible thing would be to start now.
If only I did not feel like melting into a puddle!!

I may have mentioned our Zac is here, he has been a great help with groups and what not...good at washing saris too, he found out to his own disgruntlement...haha.
The biggest reason he came though was to put some focus into his own prints and designs....we can help, offer workspace, advice that type of thing but ultimately it is up to him to get onto the marketing and planning and organizing.
Honeymoon is over, he has been enjoying working on some new print ideas, now he is making a list and starting on a range of samples to bring to the trade show in January and just spent a frustrating morning with slow internet getting stuff on his web/blog page and applications in for some markets in Australia when he goes home to Oz for a visit later in the year.

Can I say I secretly chortle seeing him getting into these things and asking questions and working on a plan...nice when you see your babies are all grown up.
 This is my current favourite picture of him...yes he is definitely that type of boy.
and here he is taking his Ma out to lunch on the proceeds of his first Paypal transcation....
yes he is now all tied up to Paypal, Etsy [I notice it needs more stock...he has sold quite a few Tshirts and is just printing a new batch of shirts]....
Facebook and instagram  @watts.wright.designs .....marketing lectures on going.
opportunities being scanned for.....

My youngest Ruben has just bought himself a paddock- all 295 acres of it...he is 23 years old...not bad going- he has been bursting for it since about 6 years old. I am such a proud Mama of a happy boy...and my biggest David has a lovely life developing as well.
Happy and hot times

I have been really concerned for a while about a move by Government to allow power loom fabrics to be labelled Handloom...I keep asking for signatures and words of support to protect this cultural treasure and economic necessity of  the rural poor...This article gives a good background Perhaps you would like to add your voice to the petition...sign here. Add a word about honesty in labelling, cultural treasure or just simple indignation!

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