Saturday, July 18, 2015

another week

Rushing by as usual,
we have been swamped with Ladies at the workshop, since the last training day- had to put up a notice and say only Friday and Saturday- keeps us running on those days but gives a breather to get stuff done on other days.
These panels will make a "Many Hands Quilt" good training in knots, and making sure thread tails are tucked inside, following the stitch guide and getting even spacing and stitch size on both sides of the cloth- these quilts are reversible.

 I had our Manju scratching her head laying it out, but we got there...Bulbir has stitched it all together and we have a lovely Pewter quilt to add to our Quilt Diary and find a new home for
 So we have worked in straight lines, then in circles...wait for these quilts- gorgeous and now we are working on a fold, pin and patch stitch idea "Waste no, Want not" Quilts utilizing our handloom and indigo offcuts....heading for a Wggga/ Gees Bend/ Indian Godhari quilt feel- bold, na├»ve and beautiful.....  really impressed most are doing so well....unfortunately 2 are on their last chance...just not getting it- OH well really good result for a batch of 17 women.

There has been a hiccup with our Faraway Village ladies- we met them because one of the sons of the village came to us looking for work about 2 years ago, when we needed to increase production we contacted him ages ago and started. Idea was he goes past our workshop to his work each day- he would work as a field officer for us. Collect work from us and take to women, we did the initial training with the women over a few weeks and spent a lot of time explaining to him, he is support person in village making sure women get feedback and work on quality.
We made sure women understood their payment was ALL their money and we would pay him separately for the work he does for us.
Well he picks up, drops off, looses a few things and does not pass along feed back about quality issues.... GRRRRRRRrrrrr can I say.
Most of the women do a stellar job, but a few tweaks here and there are necessary.
Fixing it by going ourselves fortnightly and adding some more training for women who need it.....think we have the show on the road again.
Big excitement- our mate Anne, I should say the very talented Anne.... from time to time I send her care packages or really challenge packages and she turns them into beautiful things....I the English magazine this month-Sewing World Magazine is the kit she designed using some of our stuff. Well done Anne xxx. there are a couple of kits on Etsy, otherwise customise the design to what you have to hand.- very practical bag and bottle carrier
Some of our designs are on have already sold out. Fantastic....take a look they come up well on a lovely different to seeing them kicking around here.

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