Saturday, July 11, 2015

Moirai of Singapore

One of the reasons we are so busy all the time is a great supporter of our Anita of Moirai of Singapore. Here are some lovely images from her last photo shoot.
Many of our designs she takes just as we make them , we reliable to her brand name and other ideas we concoct together.... great to ss how her business has grown, now just about 1 year old and flying.
do drop in and say hello if you are in Singapore. Anita is such an enthusiastic and fun person, you'll enjoy yourself.
Shop name Moirai
Great World City,B-2, Unit 10,
1, Kimseng Road, Singapore

Just wonderful.
and today has been another busy day at the Project, we had rain this morning so a little overcast giving us great light and Praveen finally got a whole heap of beautiful photos done. Lots of colour choices
Our Silk Cardigans are finally in our Etsy shop and making there way onto other media sites.
Does not matter how nice something is - if people can't see it , they are not going to want to buy it!!
Making major headway on bookwork and now we can turn our eye towards marketing.... whew!

 love the little cardi
...can't wait until next time I go to Oz and it will be cool enough to wear one>

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