Sunday, August 02, 2015

Training day

We have run away. Currently on the train going Bhuj... away time and looking for a weaver or 2.
Yesterday we had another training session. Each time we do we learn so much and improve the learning opportunity for our women.
First thing is punctuality. About 18 were on time ... Ok we said 10.00am and started 10.00am a small leaway to allow for late arrival.
Anyone after that was deemed too late .... around 11.00am another 20 or so drifted in.  No amount of conjoling was going to get us starting again.... it is important to stop conjoling at the start. No means no and quality is a line that can't be crossed.... They go together.
Onto class. .. the old school teacher on me came out. Politely but firmly it was be quiet. Listen. Look and learn.
Note for next time insist mobile phones are turned off and anyone bringing kids is sent home....big distractions.
We show some of our other work. Talk about quality and how every piece we send out carries the weight of all our work. If we allow 1 through that gets rejected we risk all our jobs. This is such an important point otherwise the conjoling starts...Please take it this time, next time will be better etc.....
Once we start with a woman we will give them a fair run for their money working to help them catch on.
Once they have the knack they become a Stitching Lady ( this is a formal and polite society no women's lib and important to make people comfortable, we have seen over time women earning a wage start to blossom and gain more power and support in the family unit) their name it entered in register. We endeavour to keep them employed to the level they are comfortable with....averages 15 to 20 hours a week from observation.
They need to only take work that they can commit to finishing with 1 to 2 weeks. Holidays if they tell us, we will wait for them to return.
Wander off for many months and expect to just wander back in...They need to go back to the beginning and join a training. We need  to have reliable production for our clients.
All these ideas are delivered as part of training as well as actual details of stitch, start and finish.
Once in Register a clear record is kept of work and wages and any problems  are noted and highlighted with the pink pen. 3 marks and we are sorry but unreliable quality puts all our livelihoods at risk....
And so we go on...
It was wonderful to see smiles and eye contact with me and even more discretely with Praveen-uncle as they were leaving....All I could see was veiled heads when we started.
Very satisfying but I must admit sssssoooo exhausted by the end of it.
Almost in Bhuj now and 3 days away...

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