Saturday, August 08, 2015

wow and wow!!

We've had such a week or 2....we ran away to Bhuj for a few days....supposed to be rest and relaxation but so much to see it was all fun and excitement and go, go, go!



So many wonderful artisans, so much to learn....planning to head back to chill out again in December....the idea is a carrot to stay focused for the next few months....
I was only away a few days but the list of emails when I got back has taken 3 days to get through.
All of a sudden so many are ready to confirm their orders, more want to start making samples and work with us, Ladies from training days need follow up.
Fun and games!!
and so busy.
I have a bit of a case of starry eyes, some of our work is in a pop-up shop organized by Koumis and Kettle- wow! we've just been interviewed for their journal as kind of them to include us.
 Take a look.... they have something interesting evolving.

back to stitching samples..... bye

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