Sunday, September 27, 2015


fact or fiction?.....a lure of fast connectivity
At our place it is a myth at the moment and very frustrating as we chase it.
We have an account with Microsoft - using their cloud for file sharing and back up.
It is a great system but due very poor internet service it can all collapse on itself and do weird things.
I am on a first name basis with a number of their technicians who patiently help a near hysterical me, claw back my files and stand everything up again and try and get back to work.

Seriously I don't think I am exaggerating if I say myself and my assistant Avinash wasted at least 30% of our work time this week waiting for the system hanging, stopping or unable to respond thanks to rubbish internet.
We have 3 internet accounts and pay full value for the government provider and 2 private providers. All paid for expensive 3G speed and we have to flick between them to try and get anything to move at all at snail pace.
Incredibly stressful.
Irony... filling out a question aire for Craftmark people and UNESCO about access to information technology and being unable to fill all the form because of Internet lag. ..having to scribble it into an email. ...proof of our difficulties. 
I would like to be able to train staff more in office work and record keeping but spend do much time catching up crashed files we just don't get ahead with improving our systems. ..
We are so busy, we go on tour in 3 weeks and need to have everything in place for the workshop to function while we are away,
I have a mountain of ideas and designs to trial for trades etc

I am stuck trying to get office work done.
Yesterday 1 hour and 5 mins loading 1 item for sale on etsy.....I know it should take no more than 10 mins!!
Avinash is a first name basis with all our providers ringing up to complain!

Anyway lesson to be pulled from all this? 
I am not good at it yet but getting much better...keep your cool. Keep trying but don't fall into a huge stressed out tizz wiz.
I am getting much better watching my reactions...staying light with Praveen rather than totally snarling.
A kiss and a cuddle is good stress release if you are in the mood to share it.
Starting to get it,  there is a decision to be made, and it is all mine how I respond. 
Which ever way I go ###! Internet is still going to be lacking I guess.
Day off tomorrow.  Happy sunday xx


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Alison said...

Deep breaths Fiona..... You're doing so well. I can imagine your frustrations .. Now that we have the non in Brisbane even that keeps dropping out!