Thursday, November 12, 2015

Diwali 2015

We've finished all the blessings f ceremonies and gift giving. Praveen is out cleaning the car and I am supposed to be chilling out.
Free time I am working on a sample I gave had in mind for a while whilst sitting in the garden.
Just realised I am multi tasking like crazy.
We've  just booked into the India International Garment Fair in January. ... need a 'look' and product to show. Sure we have a lot of stuff but to present well we need to focus and put things together in an enticing  way.
Women's work is important to us so trying to expand their handwork onto the khadi handloom block print side of our range. It is an area that is attracting a lot of interest.
At the same time my mind is going tour crazy. So many nudges lately to serve up some new Indian tours... so excited.
We know so many wonderful people and groups across the country... I can get stuck into seeing where things link up, how to bring the hands on element in.... off the beaten track but comfy many details.  Blissful dreaming but does defeat the day of rest part of a day at home.
No rest for the wicked as my Nana C used to say... I think if you are busy not time to be wicked...always a strategist. Xxx
My Nana C was and is my shining light.
Happy Diwali may the Light shine  on you

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