Saturday, November 14, 2015

maybe obsessing....

I have just arrived at work,
Dear Sushela Madam is making me a cup of tea and I am trying to settle down...
there are so many things to plot and plan at the moment
We have booked into the India international Garment Fair in Delhi in January, so we need to sort out what we want to show and how to present ourselves well
Tours are really picking up again, people are coming out of the feeling of slump and wanting to venture far and wide again....we have had so many prompts to devise more Indian tours, and take people out on an adventure, my mind has gone into overdrive.
allowed to dream and plot and plan and allow it to all unfold.
Our first new tour will be based in Bengal, I have found a theme.
In my mind we always have a story we revolve around...Rajasthan is easy, Kings, forts, Mughals and
stories of love....some our group this year enjoyed the Taj Trilogy- it is fiction but adds so much colour to the places we visit.
Well we have a theme for Bengal, now we need a name, we have booked transport and January will see us over there putting all the links in place.
Monish- Praveen's son now lives with us, quiet exciting actually. He is 16 and needs a father's hand and I am finding it such a delight to have him joining our home. Being able to come on the research trip will be something to help him focus, he needs to earn his place by helping with research.
We need a map, distances, times, addresses, contact details....good jobs for a boy. He is a love, just 16 and hard work and concentration skills to be improved upon.

So excited.
It does open a million other ideas though, we have textile friends all over the place and amazing places we would like to visit.
What would you think of a tour that had a few nights in very simple- clean but basic hotels out in a town that boasts the most amazing traditional painting skills, Truly I do mean amazing!
 and what of one night staying in a village in people's homes. Again very simple, last time we visited we felt like visiting royalty even though we slept on a plank. The embroidery above gives just a hint of the natural beauty of the area.
So what do you think- the rest of the trip will be in very comfortable places but I think the few nights out off the beaten track will be the absolute highlight!!

OK sharing excitements has helped me settle down, I have to order a few books of poetry- further research and get back into textile designs....I have ideas!!
Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! and then life is so exciting and busy :)


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