Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Creative Arts Safaris

We've been distracted with holdups in Oz....all sorted and back in the office.
Madly working on tours, after a few years of being slow everyone is ready to travel again. Yippee!
We are off to Vietnam in March 2016,
 then following we have Rajasthan 2016 all sorted
Glorious Ghana January 2017 getting final touches,
reliving moments of batik printing nirvana
The much requested new Indian tour Bengal- kantha, tigers and more February 2017 is being polished off...watch for the run through in January, there will be lots of pictures on Instagram and FB
Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco coming up May 2017....

so busy.
thank you all for all the nudges and enthusiasm and repeat participants -people who want to come back again and again, we love travelling with you.

random pictures....internet is slow and won't let me upload things.....
of course just when crazy busy.
take a look: slowly our website is being updated

yes workshop is also crazy but only so much you can do at one time....lots of yummy samples happened while I was away.....soon, soon you'll see

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