Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kali Mata Temple Kalkota

I had the most extraudinary morning.
We are in Kalkota and started the day visiting the Kali temple, this goddess is like the patron of Kalkota.

Visiting the temple is not for the faint hearted.... getting into the crowd  and in front of the statue of the goddess has elements of a football scrum, the trading floor of the stock exchange and the most amazingly exciting vibe... being in a crowd of people all excited and sharing a very special moment is so exhilarating.
Indian temples can be utterly chaotic....this was full of priests and we got shook down by many along the way...some nicely, some rather pushy.
We have a plan for next time. ..
Then leaving the temple we were chased by a bunch of women- professional beggars, they are tough.
Amazing experience.  Only in India.
Makes you realise you're alive.

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