Thursday, January 07, 2016

Bengali round up...

Stealing a metaphor....
Life is like the Bengali sweet shop.... so many lovely surprises, sweet and delicate -compared to big bold Rajasthan we call home.
-women and their saris here -true eye candy
-Victoria Monument.  Great for saris spotting, people watching and it's history exhibit. Shocking for it's extravagant display of wealth at the time of building when your average Indian was starving
-the colonial legacy does leave a beautiful city...architecture and it's patina eye catching
-environment was jungle. ..we are here mid winter wearing bare arms.... mind boggling how hot and humid summer must be
-Bengali sweets are divine.
-Bengali food delicious. ..mustard oil starts the warm base, spicing is subtle with occasional torpedoes of green chilli. Kaboom.
-handlooms and weaving villages amazing quality
-silk production and processing almost medieval feel. Amazing as the guys sit over hot vats spooling off the silk
- pre-colonial rajbari or palaces north of kolkata fascinating and beautiful
-the tropical environment and age give wonderful patina
-Sundarbans, largest mangrove swamp in the world and cruising hoping to see the elusive Bengali Tiger peaceful and pleasurable
-so much great kantha and stitching work of great variety

Lots more...that is just a beginning. ...
We visited here years ago and have many connections we have met through our stitching business...always wanted to come back and have a good look around...can't wait for next time.

Oh and...the flower market!!!!

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