Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Whew, rather happy, we have had a glut of tour enquiries whilst being madly in The Stitching Project much that is happening all good but which way to turn?
and only up to our Sunday- your Wednesday and we are making headway.
New The Stitching Project Newsletter out, and more importantly or more useful we hope is a colour catalogue to help our customers choose from our hand stitched, re-cycled sari range.
need another whew!!
Stitching zone we are advertising for staff... we need some help! Help ! And more time to daydream. Haha.
We've exploring new stitch patterns. some good ideas and our new Women's Co-ordinator we have high hopes of helping maintain quality and expand our range.
The idea of interns has come up again.... I can see a project based undertaking might work well....
 Would love to gave some one come and explore stitched jewellery ideas....

Zac and I have an exhibition coming up next year....very excited to work with will combine his image making- grafitti and my methods -stitch and go through both our hands. 

Tours work is exciting at the dreaming, research stage... been re-working our Ghana tour a bit and all excited to go looking for Fante  flags.... then it gets exacting as we cost it and I try and do a write up that is concise and enticing and NO typos. .. I am a typo queen let alone rubbish at dates. 
Do hope we have success in the staff department I woukd love time to dream and research and stitch and garden... goodness been a bit busy lately, missed a lot of things. 
To many good things though, to be complaining  :)

Love these Fante Flags. ...they identify the company as well as represent sayings and blow raspberries at the opposition.
What would our flag look like?

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