Saturday, January 30, 2016

Interns /volunteers

haha no not on our tours....I already have a long list of people who would volunteer to carry our bags on tours!!
In the workshop- it is something that has come up once or twice, never had a lot of time to think about it, but it is about time we do.
Initial reaction is how great, then I got a bit nervous- Pushkar itself is a bit of a hippy town, some of the tourists really let their hair down and in the villages we work with I think there was an initial presumption we might be a bit wild or unruly. We have worked very hard and been careful to be a little conservative to create a feeling of safety and relaxation for our women and their families.
The student's lunch we hosted a while ago now was a big deal for some women to attend without their extended families.
We want to engender change in our area, and feel the best way is through a more internal process of women's self assurance growing through earning an income, through striving and being proud of quality work, through learning new things and knowing they can do it.
In the  back of our mind we know a library would assist in this....and we so hope to one day get one going.
We are just now training a women's co-ordinator Mrs Santosh, she is an older woman and we are very hopeful. I like the idea that through her I might be able to get a bit more insight into our women's lives and needs and ideas dissemination. Praveen is wonderful at trying to do this- at my prompting but there is only so much a bloke can enquire about.
haha sometimes I think it is more than he would be wanting to know.
Anyway that is off the track
yes please with the proviso they understand how we operate and what we need them to be aware of as representatives, how ever temporary, of The Stitching Project. this is the page on our site and it will lead to a full note on our request.
What do you reckon?

Wow and how exciting to have people develop new ideas with us and be excited.

Ohh I need to add a note to the note-
something about designs and intellectual rights and ownership and!
anything done here, is belongs to the Stitching Project but very happy to acknowledge who worked on the idea....type of thing
Some days....and in the background the generator is running making the sifting or words for the meanings I want so hard!
Going to run away from the noise now and sort saris.

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