Sunday, February 21, 2016

We're back!!

Lovely to be home after a very exciting trip.
Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is excellent, well worth trying to include in any visit to India
Our stall in the Artisan Market was super busy, such a great response, we were so pleasantly surprised and so very, very happy.

Praveen's middle boy Monish is a permanent fixture at our place and it is so lovely to have him here.
I wondered how he would go out here in the country after living in the middle of intense Delhi, but I think he is so happy to go from being one amongst all the family [siblings, cousins, etc, etc] to being an only child with us.

 We might live in the country but life has been full of adventures with us, not only 2 parents trying to cram schooling and such into him but lots of real life applications to schooling...yes he was one of those boys who stared or flew out the window at school. He likes to primp and preen, we are directing that to design and developing new ideas for clothes, he is soaking it all up.
He is a lovely kid and it is a joy making a little family with him.

Our little stall was generally full power shopping central most of the day.
And the festival has lots to catch the eye, more than the little corner we saw.
 So back in the workshop, catching up on things, finishing off orders and playing with a few new ideas- yippee!!
it is a wonder how the 'children' revert back to being professional workshop people when we are around.
Our new Women's Co-ordinator Mrs Santosh is coming along she is working through a quilt sample so she has all the points in her mind she needs to point out to The Stitching Ladies when she shows it as a new idea.
 We think we have the right person to be Workshop Supervisor- our right hand man as well.... just working through it now.
 We love our workshop, but we also love our tours and want to be able to switch between the two with out the 'children' running amuck- having the right supervisor will help everyone maintain focus.
Oh the joys of your own small business.
Still it was such a pleasure to be able to say "we create work for women in our rural area" when we were asked about ourselves at Mumbai.
That is where we started and we are so happy to see the step by step changes it brings about.
Regular income earned through skilled work is something to be proud of, and the income is well used to further the family- school, health, what ever is needed.
Rural India, in our area, has a lack of employment opportunities for men, let alone women. We feel what we are enjoying doing is also appreciated by those it touches- good all around.

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Dijanne Cevaal said...

Lovely post- so nice to hear things went well!