Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Stitching Project

The Stitching Project is a lot of work...we have invested a lot if time, effort and money in getting it up and running. We have trained close to 140 women and have about 90 still with us getting regular work.
To keep the work up to them we need to increase sales.
To do that we have had to be out of the workshop at venues....
Not in the workshop we thought we could leave it in the hands of R ... he has been with us a long time, he knows how everything works....we were grooming him to be supervisor while we were out.
Great idea
But somehow it hasn't worked. I am very clear about expectations and workshop procedures are very clear to ensure quality and keep a check on what is happening.
We've been away and all if a sudden quality issues pop up, staff are upset by behaviour of R and I find a picture on the Internet of him in my car pretending it was his!!
Tells the whole story...set himself up as a little maharaja while we were away and thinks it won't be noticed.
I don't understand this mentality.
It happened with another guy a few years ago and was the reason we sacked him.
I and we have made it very clear that was not acceptable. R is on a good wicket, good wages, company motorbike...earning much more than he could anywhere else and he is now going to be out on his arse! !
Already done the warnings and the explanations of what is acceptable.
I love our work.
I love the designing
I love working with our women and seeing what a steady income can do
I love most of our staff... a lot of the guys at the workshop contribute a lot as well,
But some days it seems so frustratingly difficult
And I am left wondering why?
Oh well in Mumbai for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival... it will be great to interact with the public
Then quickly home to change some staff and try and get it all humming nicely.
Happy Tuesday

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